Deadline: October 30th, 2021

Chernival 2021 proudly presents,
🏝 Seraya Meraya 🏝

Seraya Meraya is all-in-one packages of events that consist of:
⚡ Talkshows
🌈Dealing and Defeating The Fear of Mising Out with Analisa Widyaningrum
🌈Keep Your Mind Fresh, Stay Away From Burnout

⚡ Digital Exhibition
Let’s get to know more about Chemical Engineering ITS!

⚡ Virtual Charity Concert
A splended music concert shows serene sound of Nadin Amizah which would be fit up with a sense of charity.

Save the date!
🗓️Saturday/ October 30th, 2021
⏰18.00 – 22.00 WIB
via Chernival Official Youtube Channel.

Let’s get a move, register now🔥
1. Go to https://www.loket.com/event/serayameraya
2. Choose “+” in the ticket which named SERAYA MERAYA, then click “Dapatkan Tiket”
3. Fill your identity based on the form (in 15 minutes of fulfillment), here you can also find Telegram Group of Seraya Meraya where you’ve to join to get all information regarding the event
4. Then click submit.
5. Check your registered email to get the ticket that you’ve bought or you can click e-voucher button as a proof that you’ve registered.
6. After your transaction is successfully processed, you’ll get e-voucher regarding the event  via registered email.
7. On the e-voucher, click watch here to get the attendance link where will be ready to access one day before the event.
8. One day before the event, you’ll receive reminder email from Chernival which consists the same attendance link.
9. There, you MUST to fill the attendance form to get the private YouTube link for watching SERAYAMERAYA.
10. Enjoy the hype!

Your smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Make the world a better place by being the change you wish to see. Begin with the lowest charity, you can make others become happy 💫
1. You can directly go to  kitabisa.com/serayamerayacharity
2. Click “Donate Now”
3. Fill the nominal of your donation
4. Choose the payment method
5. Fill you name and your phone number/email (or you can make it as anonymous if you want)

Stay tuned on our instagram, @chernival to keep informed!

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