PSM UGM NEW COMERS’ CONCERT: EXORDIUM “A New Chapter to Begin a Journey”

Deadline: 8 Mei 2021


After all the ups and downs that have passed, PSM UGM has again opened a new chapter. With a new atmosphere, new hopes, and also newcomers who will give a new color to every step.

Now, PSM UGM proudly present to you:


“A New Chapter to Begin a Journey”
Saturday, May 8th 2021
20.00 WIB

Can’t wait to see this beautiful moment. It’s a new chapter for our journey. Forget the past, embrace a new beginning, and achieve big dreams with PSM UGM.

Further information
Line : @psm.ugm
Instagram : @psm.ugm

We are more than a choir! – #Jayajayajuara

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