DIPORANSA: Pesta Pora para Peraih Asa

Deadline: 24 September 2021

With the pandemic still spreading around the world, a change is brought upon our life. People couldn’t go out, people could only see their loved ones virtually, people are faced with more hurdles on their journey to achieve their dreams.

Diponegoro Orchestra proudly presents “Diporansa: Pesta Pora Para Peraih Asa!”

Diporansa is all about the journey of the main character, a journey to sail the sea of change brought by the pandemic. This concert is presented in a short movie monologue format, and is produced with the spirit of fun and courage, which hopefully, will transcend the boundaries of screen to the viewers. The short movie reminds us that we are not alone, and that we can make it through this pandemic. So, with all things said, Diponegoro Orchestra invites you to sit back for a second, chill out, and dance together to the songs presented virtually, with love, warmth, and courage.

You can check out our tickets now on goers.co/diporansa2021

Stay tuned for mor information, Peraih Asa!

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